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Sustainability Policy

The health of the planet is a matter that ultimately concerns everyone and so improving sustainability wherever possible is essential. Here at Claire Christian we are acutely aware of the need to develop our sustainability and we are taking many steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to improving sustainability begins right here at our premises. We have swapped all of our lighting to environmentally-friendly LEDs. We will only be using recycled packaging. Stock which doesn’t sell is donated to local charities or specifically third world countries or disaster areas in need of essential clothing. We don’t burn our excess stock we believe it should be used by people who need it. Every bit of scrap or redundant fabric is collated and sent to local schools to use for projects and education.

Many of our wedding fabrics and linings we supply are woven in Lancashire, and this includes fabric made from recycled yarn, which was created from used plastic bottles.
A new Peace Silk, is our latest fabric sourced. Peace silks are woven using filament sourced from cocoons from which the silk worm has been allowed to hatch naturally and become a moth: only the vacant cocoons are used to make the fabric. All of the materials used to create this sumptuous, sustainable silk are certified in accordance with GOTS, proving that production is both socially and ecologically responsible.

Fabrics sourced from abroad are subject to strict ethical and environmental standards ensuring that ethical standards are rigorously adhered.
We must all do what we can both individually and as businesses to save our planet. We are continuously striving to make a difference where we can. For more information please email