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The past two years have been far from perfect economically and socially but bold fashion has really made a comeback! After a few months of being stuck inside, we have started gravitating to bright colours and fun, inventive fashion. Now we all need to have some staples our trusty jeans & jumper combo is the perfect easy outfit but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun looking towards what fashion gurus predict our 2022 future in fashion will be.


Colour of the year 2022

Every year, Pantone puts out their ‘colour of the year’ that will define our mood. This year we have the playful and youthful ‘Very Peri’ periwinkle blueish purple which Pantone has chosen for it’s ability to “encourage personal inventiveness and creativity.” which sounds exactly like what we all need! Very Peri is all about fun, creativity and just going for it and we totally agree with this mission statement for 2022.


pantone colour of the year is very peri. Periwinkle is the official colour of 2022 fashion and retail

Bold Bright and Fun

Pastel periwinkle not your colour? Bolds and brights have been appearing from catwalks to Instagram this year and this isn’t going top change as 2022 goes on. Verace’s Spring/Summer 2022 catwalk was giving us real life Barbie/Neon 80s dream with Neons and brights to die for in Fuchsia, Emerald, Neon green and Neon Yellow. It seems that the fashion world as a whole is looking to 2022 as a year of change, innovation and fun! Bold patterns and colours are also being juxtaposed with shiny vinyls and glittering black and silvers so you can go all our or tone it down with some neutral shades.


 Y2K is coming back

The 20 year fashion cycle dictates that we are right on track to look back on the early 2000s as an inspiration but there are definitely some things that I love and a few others that I hoped I would never see again. We have all heard the theory that hemlines match the economy and we have started to see mini skirts and low-rise coming back in. A good sign for those who love Y2K fashion (and hopefully a good sign for our bank accounts too?). Louis Vuitton’s 2022 Spring/Summer collection is also giving us MAJOR early 2000’s vibes with lowrise jeans (not for me but I love to see it) and the dreaded Disney Channel and Paris Hilton favourite – layering midi dresses over jeans. This time around, however, the emphasis is on layering lighter fabrics like chiffon and netting to create more of a sophisticated lingerie / post-apocalypse style that uses layering to create bold shapes. Silver and glitter are also staying around into 2022 so don’t ditch your New Years outfits yet!

Retro Futurism?

Speaking of Y2K and silver – we are also seeing a space age, sixties revival alongside our millennial fashions. Mini skirts and neon eye-makeup aside, fashion is looking up to the skies and back in time this year with a resurgence of Retro Futurism. “What on earth is that?” I hear you cry. Retro futurism is essentially the 1950s and 1960s space-race in a nutshell – mini skirts, metallics, space age, mod and alien-like bold colours. We have also seen a return to Balaclavas and headscarves in high fashion this winter which is set to continue with its own, updated twist. Knitting and crocheting is having somewhat of a resurgence due to the pandemic so hats, scarves and snoods will probably be homemade and cute this time around, a perfect contrast to the futuristic mini skirt and bold silhouettes. I doubt this will catch on with your everyday high-street fashion but it is an interesting case study. After being forced to hide away behind masks for two years, its interesting that as masks ease, we are finding ourselves craving the comfort of hoods, headscarves, hats and even balaclavas once again.

Ultimately this year is about having fun with fashion and looking to the future. Like with retro-futurism in the 1960s and the cyberspace / internet inspired looks of the early 2000s, fashion seems to be pointing towards a year of fun and adventure with a distinctly ‘out of this world’ aesthetic. From bold colours to shiny mini skirts, this year seems like a good one to experiment with fashion and regardless of what silhouette we’re most comfortable in (I’m not going to personally be wearing low-rise jeans, that’s for sure)!


We wish you a bold, bright and creative 2022 from the CC team!