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Claire Christian is open late from 5-8pm every Thursday from 25th November Christmas 2021. As well as being open for Douglas late night shopping, we will also be hosting some collaborations with local friends and artisans from around the Isle of Man. Each Thursday we will have a different local business selling their items in our shop on 11-13 Victoria Street. We believe that it’s so important to support local and we are beyond excited to present to you our lineup of local artisans this year. We have a huge variety of items from handmade Jewellery to luxury leather bags, Vintage mens and womenswear, adorable bows and accessories and Couture womenswear. Additionally – if you spend over £65 on a Thursday evening between 5-8pm, you will receive 10% off your next purchase.


We are delighted to introduce our friend and collaborator this Christmas, Renegade Vintage!


Who is Renegade Vintage?

Renegade is a Manx-owned vintage clothing shop based in Tower House, Douglas. Renegade was founded in 2021 after receiving great reception as a small pop up and is now a successful shop based in the ground floor of Tower House on Strand street. On a regular visit to Renegade you can expect to always see some vintage leather, suede and denim coats as well as a huge collection of retro fleeces and jumpers in a dazzling array of designs. Already outgrowing it’s Douglas store, Renegade is hoping to expand over the next year into a larder space in Douglas town centre. Renegade founder, Josh, has long been a friend of Claire Christian and we are delighted to finally have a collaboration in our Victoria Street shop! We will be showcasing the best of Renegade Vintage with mens & womenswear, accessories and a good smattering of Christmas cheer!

renegade vintage x claire christian collaboration for Christmas 2021. Four people sat on a wall near a building site by the sea in Douglas, Isle of man, wearing Renegade Vintage clothing



Retro but not dusty.

Retro is back in and so is sustainability. Retro no longer means dusty dirty old bits and bobs – Renegade Vintage sources from multiple locations to create a curated collection that has a personality and style of it’s own. Dressing in Vintage clothing is nothing new, but in recent years, thrifting and Vintage shopping have become more popular than ever! Our generations love (and need) for sustainable and affordable clothing has led us to look into the past for our own future. Shopping Vintage reduces our impact on the environment as well as allowing us to mix and match distinctive, one of a kind pieces with modern staples to curate an individual, incomparable sense of style that defies micro-trends.


renegade vintage x claire christian collaboration for Christmas 2021. Four people sat on a wall by the sea in Douglas, Isle of man, wearing Renegade Vintage clothing

Sustainability IS fashion.

Retro is sustainable, cheap and unique. In addition to curating a wide range of vintage fashion, Renegade also stocks up cycling brands. What is up cycling? Upcycling is taking unwanted items such as ripped jeans, tops with a small stain or old scarves and reimagining them into new garments! This gives older items a new lease on life and gives us a completely unique garment – designed and handmade locally too! Renegade also “Tries not to put [itself] into a box” with fashion, specialising in anything and everything when it comes to style – but always ensuring quality and fun are woven into the fabric of each item. Also featured on “Sustainable Mann“, Renegade’s very own Josh goes into more detail on exactly what sustainable fashion means to him and his brand. Renegade will also be joining us next week (we can’t get enough) so if you can’t make it this Thursday 16th Dec 2021, remember to pop in next Thursday for our last late night shopping evening of Christmas 2021, 5-8pm 11-13 Victoria Street.

bear & bow and renegade vintage are in Claire Christian, 11-13 Victoria Street, Douglas

To Purchase your very own Renegade Vintage items, head into 11-13 Victoria Street, Douglas from Thursday 16th December.


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