William Holden, stylist

William Holden – Stylist William Holden is a fashion stylist based on the Isle of Man.  He has developed his experience working with other designers such as Sarah Lennon bespoke Milliner, and assisted many photo shoots and films.

He has always been drawn to style, design and textiles, but thought fashion was too much of a far-fetched industry to become a part of. However over the past two years he started to take his passion more seriously, rethinking his ambitions with styling, to build up a reputable portfolio.

Will’s personal style is quite loud, but he doesn’t let his clothes speak for himself as he is a very chatty outgoing person.

When Will first met Claire Christian for a brief meeting at the design studio they instantly clicked.  He understood her designs, her brand concept, and clear direction.  Will is a great asset to any photo shoot or film, and Claire Christian Couture looks forward to working with him on photo shoots in the future.

Contact Tel:  07624 368036